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The Great Commission is to reach out to our community and communities elsewhere. We are determined in Joy House London to fulfill this mandate.


We have a department that works with the community that helps those that are neglected, vulnerable and poor.

Prison and Ex-Offender Chaplaincy
We have a program which meets with
Prisoners and ex-offenders and also just been released from prison meeting with Them helping them spiritually and physically.

Brent Street Pastors

Brent Street Pastors an active part in strengthening community life and working for safer streets.

As well as serving the night-time economy, the Street Pastors model is being used in daytime and community settings, for example, in parks, schools and colleges.

Whichever context they are in, street pastors offer reassurance, safety and support through caring, listening and helping. They work together with other partners to make communities safer.

Brent Education Outreach Project

BEON are a group of educational professionals in Brent who have experience of working with children and young people in the areas of formal educational structures and systems, all done from Christian perspective. We provide tailored services designed to connect with young people and to nurture them in their personal development. Our team includes individuals with substantial experience of working with young people in mainstream schools, Saturday schools, colleges and summer play schemes.

Community Events and Festivals

We work together with other churches doing events and festivals in local estates and deprived areas to be a blessing to them and preach the gospel to them. We also partner with other churches doing children’s holiday clubs , school outreach work With football academies.

We are aiming to use these platforms among others to impact our communities and alleviate problems such as gang culture on our streets.
Jesus said “if you did this to the least of these you’re done it to me”. We are desiring to fulfill our role in me in obedience to gods will and having His heart for the rejected and neglected in Jesus name.

United Evangelism in Brent/ Brent Family Fest Mission

Our vision is to unite together as churches in outreach to:-
1) see the Gospel take dominion in our borough.
2) see a harvest of souls in the community
3) mobilise the church into evangelism.
We do this via outreaching together at certain times of year across the borough.
This network is connected to city and nationwide outreach initiatives such as United Evangelism in Brent like Crossing London.

We do the Brent Family Festival

As churches we gather together to do festivals in local estates to be a blessing to the community to preach the gospel. We also have BBQs, concerts , holiday clubs and party events in connection with these festivals. They have impacted communities and have have been very successful.

Many of these are streamed on
We have seen many miracles, salvations and transformations in our community why don’t you Join us.

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