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Joy House Ministries A vibrant Church and Community Charity in the Heart of London Leaders Retreat Children's Ministry Fellowship Apostolic UK Apostolic Europe


Pastor Martin and Catherine Ossei

Pastor`s Word

Welcome to Joy House Ministries Website. We are grateful for your visit. Our prayer is that you will be blessed and your life will be enhanced by this visit. Please take time to enjoy the life-changing resources on this Website. You can enjoy the Live Broadcasts and back episodes of our vibrant Celebration Services. You can also visit our Be Strong Publications page to enjoy great life changing titles. We may have an answer to your long-standing question. Why don’t you Ask Us. Do you have a Prayer Request? Tell us and we will pray for you. You can join us in person at our Worship Services. We cater for all ages.

For what shall it profit a man, if he gains the whole world, and suffer the loss of his soul?
Reverend Martin and Catherine Ossei

And There Is More...

Library of Inspiration

Wherever you are in life, there is a book for you on our Be Strong Publications page. Faith comes by hearing the Word of God. Enjoy our easy to read and exciting books and have a life changing experience.

Romans 10:17 NKJV

So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

    Joy House Ministries A vibrant Church and Community Charity in the Heart of London Leaders Retreat Children's Ministry Fellowship Apostolic UK Apostolic Europe

    The Word Was God

    All My Inmost Being, Praise His Holy Name
    We are the contemporaries and witnesses of the Lord’s daily re-enactment in our lives.
    Love the Lord Your God with All Your Heart
    If you have the idea that the Old Testament is all about external rites and…
    Three Days in the Belly of a Whale
    For as Jonas was three days and three nights in the whale’s belly; so shall…
    Respect the Lord Your God with All Your Soul
    Love God with all your heart. These sacred words are to be always on your…
    The Son of Man Be Three Days in the Heart of Earth
    The Gospels bring us to the central place of sacred words in the Scriptures: “Love…
    Praise the Lord with All Your Inmost Being
    Praise the Lord, with all your heart and soul and all your inmost being take…

    Many Love it Here

    Andria W.

    In today’s world, Churches play a significant role in the growth of it’s members, families and communities.

    I love Joy House London because the Church is equipped with excellent Pastors and leaders who believe in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Joy House has a very loving and friendly environment where everyone is passionate about winning souls. Most importantly, the gospel that is preached is thorough and undiluted. Joy House has a very vibrant atmosphere, everyone feels welcome, and spiritual growth is guaranteed.

    Andria W.

    Nick Johnson

    I know I am not alone in the universe. I was so lucky and blessed to meet all the wonderful people who are now my friends, and it all happened because of your church. Thank you all for being there for me.

    Nick Johnson

    Emily Walsh

    I am really grateful to this church for the support that I have received when my family needed a prayer and a hand of a friend. We found God, and He is powerful. I encourage you to join our community!

    Emily Walsh

    Directions & contacts

    Joy House LondonThe Lewinson Community Centre167 High Road, London NW10 2SGUnited Kingdom.

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      The Lewinson Community Centre167 High RoadLondon NW10 2SGUnited Kingdom
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